12 Point Quality Check

Throughout the manufacturing process we conduct quality checks and then at the end of the manufacturing process we then conduct a 12 point quality check on all manufactured products.

Quality Analysis

Our quality analysis ensures that you end up with the finished product that you envisaged at the start of your journey. We have 12 quality checks that we perform before it is delivered to you.

CertifiedDimensional Analysis means that at the end of the line all dimensions and measurements are rechecked to assure that it has been produced to your specifications.

CertifiedRigidity Testing is to check the sturdiness of the wooden product and give it a test drive. Each join is manually tested for strength and the whole product is flat tested for level ground sitting.

CertifiedOur construction audit consists of checking each product for protruding nails, missing nails and out of aligned joins. We are passionate about providing a product that is quality built and durable.

CertifiedHandling compatibility is to check to see if the handling requirements of the wooden product meets or exceeds its conditions. One of these conditions may be that it meets pallet jack or forklift conditions.

CertifiedTransport compatibility is to check to see if the transport requirements of the wooden product meets or exceeds its specified conditions. One of these conditions may be that it meets shipping container size conditions.

CertifiedStoring compatibility is to check to see if the storing requirements of the wooden product meets or exceeds its specified conditions. One of these conditions may be that it meets racking conditions.

CertifiedEvery product is checked to make sure that all design features have been added to the product. One of these features may be that it meets strapping conditions with special cut outs.

CertifiedWhen applicable, our stenciling team confirms that all stenciling has been completed at quality levels. We confirm that your product has all the correct visibility markings for it’s journey.

CertifiedWood products heading overseas need to be certified. This means that they need to meet customs and quarantine conditions of this country and the destination country. This check is to confirm that all products designated for overseas delivery meets all shipping conditions.

CertifiedQuality of wood is obviously important. Each length of wood that we use is checked for condition. We generally omit boards that have large old knots. We don’t want big holes materialising in your product in transit.

CertifiedBefore the production starts a schedule is created with a complete profile on the requested product. This is the information we tick off at the end of the line to confirm that we have met all conditions.

CertifiedDelivery service is checked at mid operation to confirm that as soon as the product has reached the end of the product line a truck is on standby to deliver.

Customer Satisfaction

Douglas Box has been building wooden products for over 30 years. Being an established family business with a professional attitude and quality products, is what has helped the growth of our company.

Our wood manufacturing company, based in Sydney, has been helping companies with ensuring that their wood packaging design, manufacture & delivery is smoothly transitioned.

Whatever your wooden product construction requirements are, you can be assured that you are working with a skilled & enthusiastic wood product construction team.

When ordering your wooden products, you will be attended by our knowledgeable staff, who can offer advice on a range of sizes, styles and materials that would be the most suitable for your product and shipping requirements.

Our lead times are exceptional and our rapid delivery times wont let you down. So, if it’s wooden packaging services in Sydney you require, call our Sydney wooden packaging hotline today on 02 4735 7299.