Stenciling & Branding

The importance of having your box, crate and pallet branded, or stenciled, with globally recognised safety symbols depends on the value you place on your assets.

Remember, multiple people are going to be handling your precious cargo and these identifying markings will help ensure the safe passage of your products.

Branding your company name on your box, crate or pallet gives your business exposure and reinforces your brand all the way to the customer.

It can also help in supply and logistic situations where the box, crate or pallet is easily recognisable to your business amongst the thousands of box, crate and pallets that go through the warehouse every day.

Popular Stenciling Options

There are a wide range of stenciling options and designs available so we have compiled some of our most popular selections. All stencils are custom made and manufactured in Australia.

Handle-With-CareFor the safe transport of your products, we are creating something that will handle with care. When using a shipping box, have your box stenciled with the globally recognised “Handle With Care” symbol to ensure that your valuable goods are not damaged in transit.

FragileWe recommend that if your product is fragile, consider having your box stenciled with the globally recognised symbol for “Fragile”.

This Way UpIf you have a product that needs to be kept upright this goes without saying you may wish us to include a stenciling price in your quote.

Keep DryIf you wish to alert people handling your product that it must always be kept in a dry area, it’s a good idea to have this stenciled on your wooden product.

Replace FRAGILE with your company name.

Branding of your company name on your wood box, crate or pallet builds brand awareness from the moment it leaves your warehouse all the way to the customer.

Make your wood box, crate and pallet work for you. Get a return on your investment and start getting your business name out there.

Customer Satisfaction

Douglas Box specialises in supplying wood products to carry your valuable assets to its destination safely. Our wood working operations have quality control systems in place that assures that your wood product, before delivery, will meet stringent testing criteria.

We have been building wooden products for over 30 years. Being an established family business with a professional attitude and quality products, is what has helped the growth of our company.

Our wood working company, based in Sydney, has been helping companies with ensuring that their wooden product design, manufacture & delivery is smoothly transitioned.

Whatever your wooden product construction requirements are, you can be assured that you are working with a skilled & enthusiastic wood construction team.

When ordering your wooden products, you will be attended by our knowledgeable staff, who can offer advice on a range of sizes, styles and materials that would be the most suitable for your product and shipping requirements.

Our lead times are exceptional and our rapid delivery times wont let you down. So, if it’s reliable wood products in Sydney you require, call our Sydney wood products hotline today on 02 4735 7299.