Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets, by Douglas Box, a Sydney wooden pallet manufacturer, specialising in all custom made wooden pallets including softwood & hardwood pallets.

Douglas Box is your most popular wooden pallet shop in Sydney. We design and manufacture quality wooden products for a diverse range of industries in Sydney and regional NSW.

Design & Manufacture

At Douglas Box we design and manufacture wooden pallets for a variety of products. Below you will find some of our most popular wooden pallets.

Our rackable wooden pallets, are manufactured in Sydney to suit your racking. They are built to last, and customised to meet your transporting, handling and storing needs.

4 way wooden pallets are constructed at our Sydney pallet manufacturing factory allowing 4 way access to lifting and moving your pallet.

These 4 way accessible pallets can either be made using blocks or bearers with cut outs. The weight and size of your goods is what best determines which style to use.

Wooden block pallets are designed to give you full access to the pallet from either side with your pallet jack and/or forklift. Wooden block pallets manufactured in Sydney are built and customised to suit your requirements.

Wooden Euro pallets come in four wooden Euro pallet sizes and are measured from the face of the Euro pallet first;

  • Euro Pallet 1: 800mm width x 1200mm length.
  • Euro Pallet 2: 1200mm width x 1000mm length.
  • Euro Pallet 3: 1000mm width x 1200mm length.
  • Euro Pallet 4: 800mm width x 600mm length.

Standard wooden pallets refer to the Australian Standard Size Pallet which is 1165mm width x 1165mm length. The Australian Standard Pallet is designed to sit side by side on the back of a truck with minimal wastage of space.

The leading global pallet hire company, CHEP, adds 5mm metal clasps to the end and side of their bearers for longevity making their pallets 1175mm width x 1175mm length.

Custom wooden pallets, produced by our Sydney custom wooden pallet manufacturing company, are designed to suit your transport, handling and storage requirements.

Find out the 10 most popular reasons why business use our wooden pallets and why they keep returning to us for their business.

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Find out the benefits from having your business name stenciled on the external side of the bearers on each wooden pallet bearer that we supply.

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Our delivery service area is extensive and covers all of NSW using Sydney as a fixed starting point.

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Fast Delivery

Customer Satisfaction

Douglas Box has been building wooden pallets for over 30 years. Being an established family business with a professional attitude and quality products, is what has helped the growth of our company.

Our wooden pallet company, based in Sydney, has been helping companies with ensuring that their wooden pallet design, manufacture & delivery is smoothly transitioned.

Whatever your wooden pallet construction requirements are, you can be assured that you are working with a skilled & enthusiastic wooden pallet construction team.

When ordering your wooden pallet, you will be attended by our knowledgeable staff, who can offer advice on a range of sizes, styles and materials that would be the most suitable for your product and shipping requirements.

Our lead times are exceptional and our rapid delivery times wont let you down. So, if it’s wooden pallets in Sydney you require, call our Sydney wooden pallets hotline today on 02 4735 7299.

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