Wooden Shipping Boxes

Wooden shipping boxes, by Douglas Box, a Sydney wooden shipping box manufacturer, specialising in all custom made wooden shipping boxes stamped with the correct ISPM 15 symbol.

Douglas Box is your most popular wooden shipping box company in Sydney. We design and manufacture quality wooden shipping packaging solutions for a diverse range of industries in Sydney and regional NSW.

Design & Manufacture

At Douglas Box we design and manufacture wooden shipping boxes for a variety of products. Below you will find some of our most popular shipping boxes.

Wooden shipping boxes for machinery are designed & constructed based on your machinery size, how you plan to ship it and the weight of your machinery.

Our focus is to ensure that your valuable machinery arrives safely at its destination still fully boxed, unscathed and intact.

Our longevity, with over 20 years experience in wooden shipping box making, explains why we are the most popular wooden shipping box company in Sydney.

Wooden shipping boxes for motorcycles are customised to suit each motorcycle shipping requirement. When creating your motorcycle shipping box we take many factors into consideration.

We draw from over two decades of box building knowledge in creating a safe and secure wooden platform for your pride and joy.

Our competent shipping box construction team, at Douglas Box, have constructed various sized shipping boxes for vehicles like motorcycles, scooters and cars.

Wooden shipping boxes for moving overseas are customs approved meeting all shipping box exporting and importing customs criteria.

Your shipping boxes will either be heat treated, or fumigated, to suit your individual packaging and shipping requirements.

All shipping boxes made at our Sydney shipping box manufacturing facility are stamped with the ISPM 15 insignia allowing smooth transit through customs.

Wooden shipping boxes to be craned have special requirements. We understand the extra load bearing your wooden shipping box will endure if it was to undergo craning.

Speak with one of our skilled wooden shipping box specialist for more advice.

Wooden shipping boxes for cars, trucks and even buses is possible when using our unique wood crafting skills in designing & building wooden shipping boxes.

Heavy duty shipping boxes are manufactured by us to suit the expectant load bearing stress and the required size, handling, transport, storage and custom requests.

ISPM 15 shipping boxes are completely accredited for overseas travel. Find out more about this ISPM 15 accreditation.

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Find out the 10 most popular reasons why business use our wooden shipping boxes and why they keep returning to us for their business.

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Find out the benefits from having your business name, or globally recognised safety handling symbols, stenciled on the side of your wooden shipping box that we supply.

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Our delivery service area is extensive and covers all of NSW using Sydney as a fixed point.

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Fast Delivery

Customer Satisfaction

Douglas Box has been building wooden shipping boxes for over 30 years. Being an established family business, with a professional attitude and quality products, is what has allowed our company to grow.

Our wooden shipping box company, based in Sydney, has been helping companies ensuring that their wooden shipping box design, manufacture & delivery is seamless.

Whatever your wooden shipping box construction requirements are, you can be confident that you are working with a skilled & enthusiastic wooden shipping box construction team.

When ordering your wooden shipping box, you will be assisted by our knowledgeable staff, who can offer advice on a range of sizes, styles and materials that would be the most suitable for your product and shipping requirements.

Our lead times are exceptional and our rapid delivery times wont let you down. So, if it’s wooden shipping boxes in Sydney you require, call our Sydney wooden shipping boxes hotline today on 02 4735 7299.

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